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  • Champagne and strawberry cake

Champagne and strawberry cake


About this item

This is an ideal cake for any special occasion! The sponge is soft and light thanks to the champagne syrup, and the strawberries not only give an incredible flavour but a tint of pink to the cake and ganache. Ah! have I said that the cake is made with my favourite flour, Tigernuts flour - which is incredibly healthy as it contains natural sugar so this cake is lower in sugar than other cakes. Tigernuts flour is also high, among other things, in fibre, iron and potassium. 

  • 8" - £50
  • 9" - £60

This cake is: vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soya free, refined sugar free

Allergen information: contains nuts

It will keep well in an air tight container, in the fridge for 1-2 days