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Mojito ice cream

I came up with this simple idea while reading a magazine and I saw the new Mojito cream from the Body Shop. The green colour was so intense that my imagination started thinking about how cool it would be to have a Mojito ice cream, especially now in summer. And there I was in the kitchen preparing it! Pretty quick, simple, sugar free - yes, you read this right, a Mojito without any sugar, 'operaciĆ³n bikini' is still on :-) But I'm afraid this ice cream is only for adults!!

Here we go!


A generous bunch of fresh mint
White rum
5 dates
400 ml of coconut cream

1) Wash the mint thoroughly and dry well.

2) Chop the mint finely - if you have a food processor with the small grater accessory use it as we want the mint to be really thin.

3) Now add the dates to the mint and chop them together until you almost don't see any pieces of dates.

4) Add the rum - how much really depends on how strong you want the ice cream! I personally want to taste the rum but without it being overpowering. I just used the lid of the bottle to measure the quantity and put three in.

5) Finally, bring the coconut cream out of the fridge. Don't shake it, because what we really want here is just the cream, not the water. Scoop out all the cream and whip it for a minute or so.

6) Pour the mint/dates mix into a Tupperware and add the cream little by little, using a metal spoon. Stir well until all the ingredients are combined.

7) Put the lid on the Tupperware and keep it in the freezer for one hour minimum.

Serve in shot glasses and decorate with some mint leaves and lime.